High Pressure System Series

This has started out as a serial. Now I have a boxed set for Season One

No one knows why they have to evacuate. What they do know is people all over the world have died and it has something to do with the weather.

Rachel is a shy wallflower and typical college student when she’s evacuated with a bunch of people she doesn’t know to an underground bunker in the desert. Her family is far away and she can’t contact them anymore. The only comfort she brings with her are her dogs.

Everyone is struggling to settle in because they still don’t understand exactly what they are hiding from. However, Rachel and her new father figure, Jim suspect it has something to do with technology controlled weather.

The genius guy in charge seems to know everything, but the only information he is giving out is apartment assignments and an expanding list of rules.

Rachel is determined to capture his attention to find out what it is they are hiding from. However, it might be more information than anyone can handle.

They could be all that’s left of life on Earth. That is if the people don’t start a war with each other in the underground apartment building.

It will take a lot of inventiveness with limited resources for them to survive the Weather Wars.


High Pressure System: First Season Underground Boxed Set  $3.99

Or Individual parts:

High Pressure System Part One $0.99

High Pressure System Part Two on Amazon $0.99

High Pressure System Part Three on Amazon $0.99

High Pressure System Part Four on Amazon Last Part to the First Season $1.99

HPS 5 final cover

High Pressure Part Five Before E-Day  $0.99

High Pressure System Part Six: Private Sector –coming soon