Website is back!

There wasn’t a lot I could do when I discovered my website was down. That’s what happens I guess when you have someone help you with it and then the server is hacked so badly that it takes ages for the server outfit to get it back up again. I know it was out of my hands and the person I had help me get this running just had to wait it out and remind and remind the server guys to do their job.

In the meantime, I have published High Pressure System Part 6 Private Sector. I have new covers for the series. I don’t have any announcements just yet as to what is coming out next. I’m having a rough year when it comes to writing. I have things moving. It’s just turtle slow. Real Life is consuming most of my time and I have struggled getting myself back on track. I’m working on it. So that’s progress but not really what eager readers want to hear.

Editing is wildly time consuming. I have a tendency to leave out words and my brain is good at pretending those words are there. I wish I was a writer that could write effectively during round one and just needed a clean up pass and editorial pass. But that’s not me. Maybe that’s better because perhaps I don’t miss some plot issues and I can make the character motivation stronger and sometimes I can add much more voice. So it’s not all bad. I just want to produce books faster. That’s hard too when you’ve lost the creativity juice. That has been the problem the first half of this year. The second half has been bringing it back so it’s natural and not a struggle to write the good stuff.

If you are still around, wanting to read more and patiently waiting, thank you. If you just came here for the first time wondering what the heck is K.D. doing? It’s doing. I’ll post when I know what is coming out next and when.

Update: New Book and what is coming next

So Enduring the Crisis was published this month. I know, it’s not the next book in the several series I have out already. Here’s why. My current books have been moving really slow. I needed to try something and see if it would be more successful than the other things I have put out. Also, sadly, Young Adult is not easy to do well in. Or at least I haven’t figured out how to do better so I needed to try a shift. So far the shift is working and I’m not as discouraged as I have been for most of this year.

Then the house fell apart. That’s been the slowest project on the planet. We finished the wood repairs and exterior painting last week. The family room needs to be finished now. A grandbaby started spending a few days at my house during the week and that adjustment was really, really rough. She’s getting better but also decided to become mobile this week so now we must clean all the things too.

What is on my release schedule with all that? The Children of Dragons: The Messenger has been the most derailed book as a result of all this. It is twice as long as the first book. It has needed more extensive editing than I thought. It has missing scenes and even though I know how the whole book goes- it is a bit of a mess. I want to make it as good as book one. I spent a tremendous amount of time over a few years to make that one right. But book two it is coming along just not at the pace that I wish it was coming along.  The first book never did very well until this month. Because it is doing better, the pressure is on to get book two out. I love this story. It is just a lot of work and being as long as it is makes it even more time-consuming. I am getting a little better and a little faster at my process so hopefully the wait won’t be much longer. Sorry to those who are waiting.

Enduring the Journey is in process and I want to get it out on the heels of Enduring the Crisis. I wish I could give release dates but sure as I do, something really messy will happen here and makes it hard for me just cope with life. I love writing. However, my real life throws me about as many curve balls as what happens in my stories. and then I have to put those things first.

High Pressure System Part Six: Private Sector has been started but is going to have to wait until I have more time to squeeze it in. Part Five not doing well right after it was released as well as Gypsy Girl flopping in the same month put me in a funk. It was hard for me to pull myself together and that’s when the family room disaster happened so it has been too long between books. For that I’m sorry for those of you who are anxiously waiting for announcements that the next book you want to read is out.

In case you were wondering- my agenda right now is sequel, sequel, sequel. I hope you’ll have patience with me as I work on all the things. 🙂paloma

Enduring the Crisis

With this is almost a great title for what took place in my house in January and what is still going on in my house while we are trying to repair the damage in our family room from the ceiling falling in.

But this is actually the title for a new series I am working on right now.

Enduring the Crisis:

The Harris family has been preparing for a disaster for years. But timing is everything. When an E.M.P. nuclear event takes out the grid and brings the nation to a complete stop, Tammy and Ben may not be as prepared as they thought.

Tammy is a food storage and emergency preparedness specialist. She’s running errands and trying to keep up with her five daughters while her husband is working thousands of miles away when the worst happens. She’s lucky that she’s one of the few in Boise with a working vehicle and is the most prepared. However, having everything she needs can’t bring all her children home or keep the crazies away. What’s worse is she has no way to contact her husband Ben to find out if he’s okay.

Ben is supervising a road building project at a remote fishing village in Alaska when he witnesses the state’s defense system taking out what could have been a nuclear E.M.P. event. The state of Alaska is safe but all flights are grounded and there’s no easy way back to Anchorage, much less the lower forty-eight. He might be thousands of miles away but he’s determined to return home to his family no matter what it takes.

As North America is in chaos, Tammy and Ben know the hardships they had only imagined are in store for them and more as they struggle to protect and return to the ones they love.

I’ll contemplating sharing the first two chapters here soon.

Where have I been??

Well, it’s been a strange couple of months. (this post may be semi-articulate while I deal with a migraine today) I’ve been somewhat derailed with writing. I had 2 releases in January and since then, I’ve been writing and editing but not enough to be able to announce when the next thing is coming. Crossing fingers for a few new things out in April though.

The family and I had the flu and colds that were the kinds that knock you out for a week or more in February. I struggled to get better in time before my daughter gave birth to my first granddaughter. Now I’ve been busy helping her adjust, get some things finished for my senior daughter before she graduates, several birthdays, along with Spring Break, and a remodel to fix all the water damage in our family room is currently underway. Life is in chaos!

Here is what I’m working on while I work through all the distractions-

I’ve started High Pressure System Part 6- Private Sector.

I’m heavily into a new serial about a family that struggles to survive after an EMP event. So if you like the High Pressure System series, this one may appeal to you but it is a little more reality based. I’ve needed to do some research as I work on it. I’m about half way there and the first book is called Enduring the Crisis.

I’m also editing Book Two In The Children of Dragons series. I discovered a pacing issue at the start so I’m working on restructuring it a little and it needs a lot of attention-more than I thought- because my writing has changed so much since I first wrote that. But I love the series and get excited about it when I think about getting back into that world.

The books I released in January wound up with new covers not long after I released them.

High Pressure System Part Five

Gypsy Girl and Horse Loving Boys

Gypsy Girl and Horse Lovin’ Boys

So I have been cramming hard trying to get some of my finished stuff out. It was intense last week while I worked on Gypsy Girl. I had to change it to 1st person. It works so much better. Then there was trying to catch all the hers and shes to I and mys and I’m still worried a few are still hiding in there though.

The release was not the best. But everything is good now. It’s live, the cover is the one I prefer, the blurb that Amazon messed up the formatting in is finally reading the way it should. So all is well.

This may develop into a series. That’s only if there is some interest. I’m discovering YA is a tough market to crack. My sci-fi story is doing the best so I’m going to put more energy into that. I’m working on releasing Part Five, a Micah story, next. As much as I want to put my Alaska novel out, I need to get part two to The Children of Dragons done first. So that is my focus now.

Here is Gypsy Girl:

Gypsy Girl and Horse Lovin’ Boys

Gypsy Girl (4)

Mailing List

I really have been busy even though I didn’t get Part Four to High Pressure System out just yet.

Big news of the day: I have a mailing list if you really want to know when High Pressure System Part 4 is going to be out. I’m still learning how to use it but you can find it on the “Find me Here” page.

I’m waiting on my second paperback proof for The Children of Dragons: Awakening. The first cover had some issues and I was able to alter it inside so it is 90 pages shorter. Yay! So that should be ready to go the first of December or a little sooner if the proof comes on time. I’m pretty sure this one will be solid so we should be good to go. Also, the first part of December the ebook will be $0.99 for a few days. I will post a link to a bunch of sale books.

High Pressure System Part Four is coming along. It is getting looong. I’ll have some serious editing to do when I wrap it up. Wow. I could have made it into 5 parts but I really want to wrap up the first season. I need to transition into the other novels I have waiting for me. I don’t really want to get another cover either. So with patience, you will get the final part to Season One. I will be pausing on Season Two for a time until I can get my other projects out there. Like The Children of Dragons: The Messenger is waiting for edits. Yes, Edits.

And The Legend of Little Sharpshooter is about to get the paperback treatment as well.  I’m contemplating a new cover. But I may just go with the one I have for now because otherwise it may hold it up too long. I know of a few people that are waiting for the paperback.

That’s my writing update. No Chiweenie spam today. Just know they are here beside me sleeping and dreaming some doggy dreams.