About K.D.Kinney

I have been an avid reader since I was kid. A great escape from my ever changing world and constant moving. I moved about 33 times all around the country by the time I turned 18. Books happened to be one of the few things I had control over. Later it was writing worlds to escape to.

Even though I enjoyed art, writing would never let me go. I took a creative writing class in place of my Senior English class and that is where I was pushed to write and rewrite to the point of frustration but the reward happened to be stories that came deep from my heart. I had  my work published in a very selective state publication featuring students two years in a row which was unheard of. The drive to write has never let me go.

I have been writing a variety of Young Adult fiction over the past years. A fantasy series, Sci-fi, contemporary, historical fiction, and realistic fiction. I’m also experimenting with a little New Adult. Anything else I might try will be posted here first.

Would you like to contact me? KDKinney52(at) Yahoo (dot) com

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