Website is back!

There wasn’t a lot I could do when I discovered my website was down. That’s what happens I guess when you have someone help you with it and then the server is hacked so badly that it takes ages for the server outfit to get it back up again. I know it was out of my hands and the person I had help me get this running just had to wait it out and remind and remind the server guys to do their job.

In the meantime, I have published High Pressure System Part 6 Private Sector. I have new covers for the series. I don’t have any announcements just yet as to what is coming out next. I’m having a rough year when it comes to writing. I have things moving. It’s just turtle slow. Real Life is consuming most of my time and I have struggled getting myself back on track. I’m working on it. So that’s progress but not really what eager readers want to hear.

Editing is wildly time consuming. I have a tendency to leave out words and my brain is good at pretending those words are there. I wish I was a writer that could write effectively during round one and just needed a clean up pass and editorial pass. But that’s not me. Maybe that’s better because perhaps I don’t miss some plot issues and I can make the character motivation stronger and sometimes I can add much more voice. So it’s not all bad. I just want to produce books faster. That’s hard too when you’ve lost the creativity juice. That has been the problem the first half of this year. The second half has been bringing it back so it’s natural and not a struggle to write the good stuff.

If you are still around, wanting to read more and patiently waiting, thank you. If you just came here for the first time wondering what the heck is K.D. doing? It’s doing. I’ll post when I know what is coming out next and when.

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