Update: New Book and what is coming next

So Enduring the Crisis was published this month. I know, it’s not the next book in the several series I have out already. Here’s why. My current books have been moving really slow. I needed to try something and see if it would be more successful than the other things I have put out. Also, sadly, Young Adult is not easy to do well in. Or at least I haven’t figured out how to do better so I needed to try a shift. So far the shift is working and I’m not as discouraged as I have been for most of this year.

Then the house fell apart. That’s been the slowest project on the planet. We finished the wood repairs and exterior painting last week. The family room needs to be finished now. A grandbaby started spending a few days at my house during the week and that adjustment was really, really rough. She’s getting better but also decided to become mobile this week so now we must clean all the things too.

What is on my release schedule with all that? The Children of Dragons: The Messenger has been the most derailed book as a result of all this. It is twice as long as the first book. It has needed more extensive editing than I thought. It has missing scenes and even though I know how the whole book goes- it is a bit of a mess. I want to make it as good as book one. I spent a tremendous amount of time over a few years to make that one right. But book two it is coming along just not at the pace that I wish it was coming along.  The first book never did very well until this month. Because it is doing better, the pressure is on to get book two out. I love this story. It is just a lot of work and being as long as it is makes it even more time-consuming. I am getting a little better and a little faster at my process so hopefully the wait won’t be much longer. Sorry to those who are waiting.

Enduring the Journey is in process and I want to get it out on the heels of Enduring the Crisis. I wish I could give release dates but sure as I do, something really messy will happen here and makes it hard for me just cope with life. I love writing. However, my real life throws me about as many curve balls as what happens in my stories. and then I have to put those things first.

High Pressure System Part Six: Private Sector has been started but is going to have to wait until I have more time to squeeze it in. Part Five not doing well right after it was released as well as Gypsy Girl flopping in the same month put me in a funk. It was hard for me to pull myself together and that’s when the family room disaster happened so it has been too long between books. For that I’m sorry for those of you who are anxiously waiting for announcements that the next book you want to read is out.

In case you were wondering- my agenda right now is sequel, sequel, sequel. I hope you’ll have patience with me as I work on all the things. 🙂paloma

3 thoughts on “Update: New Book and what is coming next

  1. Really enjoyed Surviving the Crisis and look forward eagerly to the sequel “Enduring the Crisis”. Love your writing style. I must admit that I got your first in the series through my Amazon Kindle Unlimited membership. Since I am 82 and basically a shut-in living with my 86 yr. old husband on SS and Teacher Retirement, money is close, however I do want to support your writing. BTW I love the way you work in the LDS way of life in your writing without preaching it.

    • Thank you so much! Word of mouth is just as valuable to an author. 🙂 Also thank you for your last comment as well. I was trying to incorporate the LDS themes in a subtle way like you described without it getting in the way of the story so it could be a book that would appeal to a larger audience.

  2. I just found The Children of Dragons:Awakening through Amazon Unlimited. Such a good read and was seriously disappointed to see it was published in September of 2015 and the sequel wasn’t available. My hopes have been bolstered, though, seeing the sequel is still an active work in progress and not forgotten by the wayside. I’m eagerly awaiting the second book, but don’t rush it, just make it the best you can. 🙂

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