Where have I been??

Well, it’s been a strange couple of months. (this post may be semi-articulate while I deal with a migraine today) I’ve been somewhat derailed with writing. I had 2 releases in January and since then, I’ve been writing and editing but not enough to be able to announce when the next thing is coming. Crossing fingers for a few new things out in April though.

The family and I had the flu and colds that were the kinds that knock you out for a week or more in February. I struggled to get better in time before my daughter gave birth to my first granddaughter. Now I’ve been busy helping her adjust, get some things finished for my senior daughter before she graduates, several birthdays, along with Spring Break, and a remodel to fix all the water damage in our family room is currently underway. Life is in chaos!

Here is what I’m working on while I work through all the distractions-

I’ve started High Pressure System Part 6- Private Sector.

I’m heavily into a new serial about a family that struggles to survive after an EMP event. So if you like the High Pressure System series, this one may appeal to you but it is a little more reality based. I’ve needed to do some research as I work on it. I’m about half way there and the first book is called Enduring the Crisis.

I’m also editing Book Two In The Children of Dragons series. I discovered a pacing issue at the start so I’m working on restructuring it a little and it needs a lot of attention-more than I thought- because my writing has changed so much since I first wrote that. But I love the series and get excited about it when I think about getting back into that world.

The books I released in January wound up with new covers not long after I released them.

High Pressure System Part Five

Gypsy Girl and Horse Loving Boys

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