Gypsy Girl and Horse Lovin’ Boys

So I have been cramming hard trying to get some of my finished stuff out. It was intense last week while I worked on Gypsy Girl. I had to change it to 1st person. It works so much better. Then there was trying to catch all the hers and shes to I and mys and I’m still worried a few are still hiding in there though.

The release was not the best. But everything is good now. It’s live, the cover is the one I prefer, the blurb that Amazon messed up the formatting in is finally reading the way it should. So all is well.

This may develop into a series. That’s only if there is some interest. I’m discovering YA is a tough market to crack. My sci-fi story is doing the best so I’m going to put more energy into that. I’m working on releasing Part Five, a Micah story, next. As much as I want to put my Alaska novel out, I need to get part two to The Children of Dragons done first. So that is my focus now.

Here is Gypsy Girl:

Gypsy Girl and Horse Lovin’ Boys

Gypsy Girl (4)

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