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I really have been busy even though I didn’t get Part Four to High Pressure System out just yet.

Big news of the day: I have a mailing list if you really want to know when High Pressure System Part 4 is going to be out. I’m still learning how to use it but you can find it on the “Find me Here” page.

I’m waiting on my second paperback proof for The Children of Dragons: Awakening. The first cover had some issues and I was able to alter it inside so it is 90 pages shorter. Yay! So that should be ready to go the first of December or a little sooner if the proof comes on time. I’m pretty sure this one will be solid so we should be good to go. Also, the first part of December the ebook will be $0.99 for a few days. I will post a link to a bunch of sale books.

High Pressure System Part Four is coming along. It is getting looong. I’ll have some serious editing to do when I wrap it up. Wow. I could have made it into 5 parts but I really want to wrap up the first season. I need to transition into the other novels I have waiting for me. I don’t really want to get another cover either. So with patience, you will get the final part to Season One. I will be pausing on Season Two for a time until I can get my other projects out there. Like The Children of Dragons: The Messenger is waiting for edits. Yes, Edits.

And The Legend of Little Sharpshooter is about to get the paperback treatment as well.  I’m contemplating a new cover. But I may just go with the one I have for now because otherwise it may hold it up too long. I know of a few people that are waiting for the paperback.

That’s my writing update. No Chiweenie spam today. Just know they are here beside me sleeping and dreaming some doggy dreams.

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