High Pressure System Part Three

It was a cram fest. Once I got High Pressure System Part Three finished and uploaded on Amazon, my website wasn’t working, my laptop wasn’t cooperating, and it was very difficult to get any information out that it was live. People are finding it though. It has some serious sad bits but there are some funny parts too. It was easier to blend that sort of thing together because the story is more established and it is also longer than the first two. For some reason that opened things up for me. Because of the length, it is $1.99 instead of $0.99 like the first two.

High Pressure System Part Three on Amazon

I was very excited and motivated when there was a third 5 star review for Part Two that was asking me to hurry up. Thanks for the kick in the pants! It really did help.

Part Four is on my task list now and that is what will be coming out next. Crossing my fingers for a late October release. Or early November if I can’t get it together. Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month takes place in November) might stall the editing for the second book in The Children of Dragons series. ┬áNow what to write in November?

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