October is Here

So the September Celebration didn’t have everything I had hoped to celebrate but it was a great month. All my books have great reviews on Amazon now. Today I checked Goodreads and two books there have 5 stars. I’m really happy today because October is already off to a good start. That is always motivating.

This whole indie publish thing has so much to it and I’m still learning. It is terribly distracting while I try to write new content. High Pressure System is coming along. I do have Part Three in rough draft. I’m working it through to the end though before I polish it up for release. That means┬áthe next part will come very soon after the third. I believe there will be 4 parts to the first season. Depends on how long it gets. Those two parts will be longer than the first two.

2015 Disneyland 001


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