September Celebration

I might have mentioned that September is my birthday month. Last September was one of the worst months I’ve ever had. I even wound up in the ER for myself for the first time in my life.

So to make this one the best yet, I’m celebrating. I released Book One to my fantasy series on September 1st. The Children of Dragons:Awakening. I really adore Robin and Raven, the two main characters in this story. It is a get to know them book while they discover a lot about themselves. Book Two begins their journey. I have that complete but after I looked through it when Book One was almost done, I realized it has a ways to go before it is in book form and ready to publish. In the meantime, the book has been downloaded in the UK. It will be $0.99 until October 1st and then it will go up to $2.99

At the moment, The Legend of Little Sharpshooter has been on sale for $0.99. It has picked up momentum and was #6 in Young Adult Westerns. Sandwiched between two well-known books-Shane and True Grit. I would comp this book to True Grit so that was a compliment. Now if things will keep going well until the sale ends September 15th.

I’m hard at work on High Pressure System Part Three. I really want to get this out this month too and when we are ready to release, Part One and Part Two will be free for a few days.

So there is the September Celebration run-down. Lots to do and exciting things happening.

Here’s hoping the momentum builds and we have a celebratory time all month long. My birthday is the last day of the month so that would be a great way to celebrate.

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