The Children of Dragons:Awakening Release

September is my birthday month. I’ve decided to celebrate all month long. I hope to have sales and freebies later in the month but to start out with, my new book has released today.

KDKinney-72dpi-1500x2000 (1)I

I was so excited to find this cover. I found one that I though was going to be for book one but it is now assigned to book two. When I was editing this, I realized a good half of it is Raven’s story. That cover looks a lot like Raven. He has the most growth in Awakening and his story is very touching. This book is a good introduction to the world that Robin and Raven live in. You get to know their family and with all the crisis and challenges they face, their love for their family is what you get to experience with them.

The Children of Dragons Awakening on Amazon now

At the moment it is only available on Amazon. This one will eventually be available at Barnes and Noble and in paperback.

Right now though, I should be packing to go out of town.


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