Welcome to my Website’s New Home

A little forewarning- I’m writing this blog post with a mild migraine it is making for some interesting typos. I’ve been proofreading as I go but that doesn’t mean I caught them all. I am the self-declared queen of typos.

My blog looks the same. But it has a new home. I went from KDKinneyauthor.Wordpress.com to here KDKinney.com. I couldn’t be happier. I just have to remember the new address correctly. I changed it in a few places last night and realized I didn’t take “author” off and, yeah, that doesn’t bring you here.

So as I navigate trying to build my business as an author, there are so many little extras to learn about and line out. At least we are at the tail end of summer vacation and I’ve had time this week to just really try to figure it out. So I have to thank my Bro-in-Law for creating my domain name and moving my website and blog here. He did a great job.

Mailing list creation is next now that I have my email for that. I might write some special content to give away for sign-ups. Perhaps a prequel to The Children of Dragons and a Short Story that ties in to The Legend of Little Sharpshooter based on how Randy earned Pearl, her revolver. Or one on how she earned Al’s trust. Hmm… New things to think about.

I’ve also been working on more editing. I am more than halfway through Awakening: The Children of Dragons. I’m so immersed in educating myself on the business and marketing aspects that new content is still on hold. I can’t wait to get into High Pressure System 3.

The fair is this week. My banner is a picture I took last year for Gypsy Girl inspiration. I might try to get more pictures to use for a cover for Gypsy Girl.  I need to rewrite it from 3rd person to 1st. It’s a fun contemporary Young Adult novel with a love triangle with the potential for sequels.


Once the kids are back in school, I’ll have my daytime hours for uninterrupted writing time. That is until Oliver the cat decides it’s time to get attention by jumping on my chest and rubbing my face with his. He’s a weird one.

Here’s a novel that’s not mine that I’m reading right now. It’s by a writing buddy and I haven’t finished reading it yet, but she deserves all the help she can get. Her book was just featured as a Pitch Perfect Pick on Underground Books like mine.  She’s 79 today so here is a little feature for her birthday:

Staying Alive by Dorothy Piper A Middle Grade Novel with Sci-fi elements.

In the meantime, happy reading.

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